The most innovative and complete Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis platform that replaces ex i2 with advantages

More than 40 public organizations and companies improved their investigations and increased the level of assertiveness of the teams

Caseboard helps government agencies and the private sector identify and reduce the impact of fraud and crime

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Software de análisis de la delincuencia y el fraude para las administraciones públicas

Perform advanced searches across all databases simultaneously, whether internal, third-party, or open source. Manage large volumes of information in a single panel. Import documents and data inherited from previous operations and create your own database.

Fighting fraud and crime requires a robust tool, and Caseboard is up to the task. Our software's cutting-edge capabilities allow you to detect and investigate fraudulent activity with precision and confidence. Trust Caseboard to get the information analysis you need.

Optimize your operations without the need to increase your team.


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Potentes Herramientas de Análisis

Caseboard offers comprehensive analysis tools to help law enforcement agencies and intelligence departments make decisions based on data from various sources, including social media, OSINT, and proprietary databases.

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Intuitive Interface

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Link Analysis

Caseboard link analysis is the most powerful visual resource that can be incorporated into the routine of researchers and intelligence analysts.

Customizable dashboards

Caseboard provides customizable dashboards that allow users to monitor and track key metrics and KPIs in real time, making it easy to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies.

What you can do

Sistema de investigación criminal

Find irregularities, identify actions, track individuals, entities, organizations and triangulations. Share and cross-reference information, test hypotheses, and find hidden relationships at multiple levels.

Software de ayuda a la policía

View relevant information directly in databases, access maps, spreadsheets, images, open sources, videos, texts, social networks, generate graphs and diagrams.

Sistema de análisis de huellas dactilares en el lugar del delito

Find patterns, discover trends, connections and behaviors, analyze events from various perspectives, by frequency and chronology of events.

Resolve critical cases, make decisions, deliver consistent results on a regular and continuous basis, report quickly.

About us

We are a software consulting and development company specialized in information analysis for the public and private sectors. The Caseboard software is exclusively marketed by 4Sec, who owns the copyright.

Caseboard is a leading analytics solution for law enforcement, civil and military intelligence departments, and forensic laboratories. We help investigators and analysts identify, track and prevent crime and other threats to public safety.

Caseboard, lo mejor y mas completo.

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Monthly payments in Software as a Service or one-time payment for the acquisition of perpetual licenses.

Servicios Software Analisis Criminal

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